2006, 2019

Kafka 05: Kafka Consumer with ElasticSearch

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Pre Configure 1. Register Bonsai: 2. Increase maximum limit: (We will demostrate batch process, so 1000 is really easy to fulfil) [crayon-5ed1bf32359f5606236515/] 3. Install Maven dependency [crayon-5ed1bf3235a17992483706/]     The Real Code 1. Setup ElasticSearch Client [crayon-5ed1bf3235a1b504535384/] 2. Create a Kafka Consumer [crayon-5ed1bf3235a1d224678972/] 3. [...]

1106, 2019

Kafka 03: Twitter Producer (Java)

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Setup Twitter Developer Account and Create an App link: You need to give good reason and detail your app description.     Get Dependencies link: [crayon-5ed1bf323676c206502037/] Create New Producer and Consumer Step 1: Overview [crayon-5ed1bf3236773017986810/] [...]