My name is Huawei Chen, male, 80s, an IT guy and a Buddhist.

  • Lifestyle – diary about my daily thoughts and feelings

  • Buddha – study notes from master gurus teachings

  • Technology – readings from IT books, blogs and videos


“As long as we can benefit sentient beings, we should be willing to be his servant for millions and millimillions of eons”

— Khenpo Sodargye

Guru Rinpoche’s Official Site

Establish the view of Buddhism.

Practise the path as a Buddhist.

Profound the value of life.

Official Site of Temple

Readings about JavaScript, AngularJS, KnockougJS, VueJS, ReactJS, HTML and CSS, Automation etc.

Readings about PHP, Java, Python, Go, NodeJS, Domain-Driven, Design Pattern, Cloud computing.